Please Live’s Love Life Ministries is an extension of Please Live, and thus operates towards the same mission. Please Live’s LLM cultivates mental wellness through education and awareness of youth and young adult mental health challenges, focusing primarily on depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention in Christian communities.


Mentally well communities.


Please Live’s Love Life Ministries began as a calling from God back in 2010. Dan Gray, founder of Love Life Ministries, noticed a rise in hurting teenagers and a rash of suicides in his community. He felt God’s prompting in his heart to begin preaching the truths of God’s love, mercy, and healing nature to teenagers who felt lost and alone.

Over the course of four years, Dan brought Love Life to a variety of churches both in and out of state, hosted a mission’s trip to Peru, and touched the hearts of many teenagers here in central PA.

In 2014, Dan met Alexa Moody, Founder and President of Please Live. Together they decided to make Love Life Ministries a branch within Please Live to maximize the impact they both could have. While Please Live works in a more “general” sense, focusing on the biological, psychological, and social aspects of mental illnesses, the Love Life Ministries branch focuses mainly on the spiritual dimension to promote understanding and healing.

Today, Please Live’s Love Life Ministries focuses on the Christian-based communities that need mental health awareness and education services. Our primary target audience is church youth groups and young adult groups, spreading hope and healing through Biblical truth and a foundation of love. Christ is our Great Counselor, and His love and His light can shine through even the darkest times in our lives.

If you would like Please Live’s Love Life Ministries to come to your church, youth group, or community venue, please contact us today to learn more.